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May 22, 2017
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Not everyone is tech-savvy, nor should you be a tech-expert just to know how to choose a notebook that suits you.

Now, MSI has taken the feedback and added a selection guide for mobile workstations.
All you have to do is select the main software tool that you use (the most demanding one if you use multiple programs), and MSI will list out the recommended models based on the performance requirements!

Please note that the recommendation is based on the suggested Quadro graphics from NVIDIA.
However, the scale and complexity of a project would also affect the required performance, so you should always adjust up/down from the reference accordingly.

You can find this new feature in the ?Workstations? product category.
Give it a try! And leave your feedback down below~


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Sep 8, 2018
Dear Sirs,
According to this post the product laptop selection is a new feature of MSI.

I would like to give the feedback on this and the whole MSI service i am experiencing, as a data engineer who is trying to buy an MSI Workstation laptop in Portugal it is being very difficult accordingly to do so.

I would like to address the following issues i am finding with MSI, which your marketing staff should in my opinion carefully check:

* Your product selection website, only allows to select a model, not a submodel, e.g. MSI WS63 8SJ vs. MSI WS63 8SJ 040XPT, without a submodel neither the users nor the distributor (distributor words not mine) is able to trace the exact features of the equipment, causing a mess to find drivers, and specs of a given submodel. Notice that your competition like Samsung already allows to select by submodel, i can see exactly my laptop variation in my country available, with its software, specs and support files. This is a great help for users, specially tech savvy niche which MSI catters too.

* On great website is Samsung's here is an example: which they have chat and 24/7 support on their equipment which is remarkable

Best Regards,
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