New to PC Gaming - Trident 3 10th setting up - Should I update Bios ?


New member
Dec 12, 2021
Hi all, I'm so excited !

Got this beautiful looking machine. As the title says, i'm new to gaming but okay on computers generally.
So what do I need to do to get the most out of this thing? It came with Windows 11 installed.
Cuurent bios is: EB932IMS.800

Is it true to say that there is now bios 820 ? Should I flash it to that to ensure I have the latest?
I notice the CPU cannot be overclocked, Intel i7 - 10700 2.90GHz - so does this mean that the MSI game centre won't allow me to set gaming profiles? In fact the MSI centre can't seem to initialise and just closes telling me to run again after windows update.

Appreciate any tips on the above....Oh probably important to mention that I plan to play MS Flight Sim on the top end scale down to UNO lower scale. Got the HDMI connected to giant, new 4K LG OLED.

Thank You