New "Windows 11 ready" BIOS updates for Z590 boards


Oct 12, 2016
MSI has released a new BIOS for the Z590 mainboards which turns on the firmware TPM / fTPM (called PTT on Intel boards) by default:

MSI_SnapShot_10 TPM.png

Thus, one only has to enable Secure Boot to make the system fully Windows 11 ready.
But Windows 11 can be installed even with Secure Boot off.
I think they couldn't turn on Secure Boot by default, because there is an extra step required upon enabling it, and it also depends on the other hardware such as the graphics card.

The new BIOS also includes the Intel microcode update revision 44 (with an 11th gen CPU), which can be checked in HWinfo64 under System Summary:


This can improve things like boosting behaviour or other CPU-related functions. It's basically a code update for the CPU.

Check your board's MSI support site for the newest BIOS from September with the following changelog:
- Windows 11 Supported.
- Improved compatibility for Intel Thunderbolt devices.

Update how-to:
1) Get the latest BIOS. It's the topmost one on the MSI support page for your board.
2) Extract the file and you will get a text file and the BIOS file. Put the BIOS file into the root folder of a USB stick/drive.
3) Enter the BIOS by pressing DEL during boot, go to "M-FLASH" in the BIOS.
4) Once M-Flash (the updater) is loaded, it will show a list of your drives. Select the USB stick and select the previously extracted BIOS file on there.
5) It will ask for confirmation and then update the BIOS. It's fully automatic from there, takes about two minutes.
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I have the B560M board and I've already activated TPM 2.0. As far as secure boot is concerned, not enabled. I'm still a novice as regards the Bios page is concerned. I saw the option to enable secure boot, but I couldn't enable it without some other process involved. It probably doesn't matter to me anyway. My Bios is at v.1.2 for my board.

Thanks for the pointer on the program HWiNFO. Downloaded it and it provides lots of info in one glance.
When you enable Secure Boot, it will probably tell you something about enrolling keys, which requires a reboot. The process is a bit confusing, but with a bit of trial and error, you should be able to set Secure Boot to Enabled and to Standard. It will look like so:

MSI_SnapShot_11 Secure.png

This will be required for Windows 11.

Your B560M PRO-VDH WiFi still seems to be one BIOS update behind the one i'm talking about, so keep checking this site, the BIOS update should be there soon.
you need secure boot ,.,.uefi mode
GPT table for disk ,.,.enabled TPM


Capable, yes. Enabled, no.

Windows 11 Specs and System Requirements | Microsoft

System firmwareUEFI, Secure Boot capable. Check here for information on how your PC might be able to meet this requirement.

It is only required to be enabled on OEM systems that ship with Windows 11,

3.6.2 UEFI and Secure Boot

System firmware must be compliant with the UEFI Specification Version 2.3.1 Errata or higher. Windows 11 devices must ship with UEFI Secure Boot enabled by default. Refer to System.Fundamentals.Firmware.UEFISecureBoot requirement under Windows Hardware Compatibility Program requirements.
Capable -- all time enabled :biggrin:

but i think there should be two versions of windows 11
they wrote it before

one is native all this [***CENSORED***]
and second for old / unsupported setting - limited updates / or function
if it's up to date. ,, I don't know
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Just built a new system with the Z590 Gaming Force. Runs the Insider version of 11 very nicely. Although the boot up logo is extreme trash.
Yep, I know how to turn it off. Its that or the Windows logo. I liked my Z370 one with the gaming logo, that looked sharp.
The new BIOS also includes the Intel microcode update revision 44, which can be checked in HWinfo64 under System Summary:
As in my thread on the B560M, I've updated the BIOS to v1.3 and I've enabled secure boot. The microcode however is showing as EC, not 44 as in your table.

Anyway, just like to say thanks for the guidance.
As in my thread on the B560M, I've updated the BIOS to v1.3 and I've enabled secure boot. The microcode however is showing as EC, not 44 as in your table.

That's because you use a 10th gen CPU on it, it has its own microcode version. With an 11th gen CPU, it would be revision 44. The microcode updates include different versions for all supported CPU generations. Glad i could help.
That would be the third update in a row for the Z490 boards that has a danger of bricking the board!
See !!! Warning: Z490 boards - problem with recent BIOS updates !!!
Ever since the March update with "Improved Audio compatibility", there have been reports of bricked Z490 boards during the update.

The updates before that don't trigger it, and it only happens on Z490, i haven't seen a single Z590 affected. Plus, all the Z590 boards have a way to recover from a corrupt BIOS, namely the Flash BIOS Button or BIOS Flashback. But still, that's a big problem on Z490, with most boards not having any way to recover from a bad BIOS flash, and MSI are not reacting to it so far.
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Where about in hwinfo64 do i get to see the system summary like your screenshot? I can't locate it anywhere to check the microcode.
anyone know of any changes between 40 and 44 on microcode update? if the windows 11 update is just to change the default tpm settings I may hold off for a while, usually first in line to download such things!
In the past, they improved performance a bit with new microcodes. Yes, the main change for Windows 11 is to activate the firmware TPM, so the user doesn't have to much else.

As far as BIOS changelogs, MSI notoriously only lists the main changes, but i can tell you that each new BIOS version contains many more changes and fixes. So if you're thinking that it only turns on the fTPM/PTT and has some Thunderbolt improvement, well, there's more. For example the newer microcode. What else, i don't know. But i rather have less bugs, so i updated, and it went fine. Plus, Z590 boards have the Flash BIOS Button anyway, so you can always go back one version in case of problems.
Misread thread title not seeing Z590, anyway updated Z490 Unify, CPU Microcode revision is showing 50 for me on i9 rocket lake, was previously on 40, some memory timings have changed for me as well and I did notice some extra bios options on the same page to enable resizable bar but forgot what it was now
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mag Z590 tomahawk wifi bios 23 reports microcode 44 and does not seem to be official intel, they go from version 40 to the latest now being 50 for RKL.
any chance on a bios update with that code soon, or is msi's 44 the same as intel's 50? (which it does not appear to be)