Notebook Recommended, MSI GE62 Apache.


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Feb 25, 2015
Recently, my old laptop Macbook pro destroyed by myself, therefore i want to buy a new one and search lots of info.
Finally, I made a decision to buy MSI GE62. I learned a little about this brand although i?m not a hardcore gamer, and i also saw MSI was the top 4 laptop brand at ranking from an America magazine recently. Due to online info, budget concern and my frds recommendation, i bought it and, guess what??. :emot-tip-wink:? I think it?s a gorgeous laptop that I have never used, several unique features and sweet design, that?s why i want to share with you!
This weekend I had some paper work needed to be finished, so I brought my new laptop to work and took some unboxing photos for my new baby. :lol_anim:
When i open the carton, there is still the cloth to protect notebook~~
ok i know you can?t wait to see what it looks like :p
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Look! the muscle lines with hair-line surface, so sexy and so charming, MSI logo with Dragon shield make me think about ?Game of Thrones?, seems not only powerful but mystery.
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the colorful keyboard is designed by ?Steel Series Engine?, you can customize your style, for me, I like colorful
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not only SteelSeries keyboard (i know it?s amazing~~) GE62 has more special feature i want to introduce
GE62 Notebook has DVD Super Multi Drive, USB 2.0 port, SD Card Reader and the power port.
the gold flash audio jack called ?Audio Boost?, which can enhances the output sound detail and sound stage by 30% (this data from MSI official website), and i try this with my iphone earphone, just what i though, the sound performance is better
more over, MIS cooperate with ?Dynaudio?, because i?m not a big fan of stereo set so i google this brand and found out which is a very very famous oudspeaker maker from Danish, founded in 1977 is older than me!!
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how to prove the power for Dynaudio, yesterday i used GE62 to played Diablo III, the sound was too realistic to scare my cat?and she gave me four scars on my leg?
GE62 Apache still has lots of feature can say, like ?SHIFT? function, can control the system between the performance and the temperature. Moreover, the ?Cooler Boost 3? is also a charming function for me. Because when I use laptop i like to put it on my leg, so i think this function is very helpful for me.
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Besides, I know every hardcore gamer is care-est about storage speed and Graphic card, MSI has exclusive design called ?Super RAID?, with two M.2 SSDs RAID 0 (128GB or 256GB), sounds powerful, right? also, I chose Nvidia GTX960M graphic card to keep the performance.
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The back of the notebook is the dual exhaust system to make sure the cooling performance! :pompom:
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To be honest, I have to say, if you want to use your laptop to handle business issue and also play PC game when you at home or gathering with bros, trust me, MSI GE62 is a good choice!! if you ask me to say a weakness for this laptop, ok?I help it could be the other color to choose!!!
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more info you can check the MSI GE62 offical website, Ciao~  :welcome: