Notebooks FAQs, Guides and Video Tutorials (Updated on Sep 21th 2020)

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Apr 23, 2014
Top 10 Common Questions
1. Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth become unstable, disconnected or show the Code 10 error in Device Manager
Video Tutorial:​
2. How to troubleshoot display related problem
Video Tutorial:​

3. Dragon Center, Creator Center isn't running correctly or cannot be launched
UWP Dragon Center​
Video Tutorial:​
Win32 Dragon Center​
Video Tutorial:​

4. Battery charging information
Video Tutorial:​

5. Keyboard malfunction (no response, double typing, backlight problem)
1. Keyboard no response, double typing problem, please go to the BIOS setup menu, and check if the problem also appears when using the BIOS password function.​
If the problem exists in the BIOS, please contact the local service center for further help, or select the Category of the Web ticket as "Repair & Warranty" to report your problem.​
If the problem doesn't appear in the BIOS, we suggest you try to update the latest BIOS, EC firmware and reinstall the keyboard driver in the Device Manager.​
2. Keyboard backlight problem, please follow the following troubleshooting steps.​
(A) Check the specification of your notebook to confirm your notebook support keyboard backlight.​
- SSE keyboard with multi-color backlight.​
- SSE keyboard with single color backlight.​
- SSE keyboard without color backlight.​
(B) Remove the software of the external keyboard or mouse.​
(C) Update the latest EC firmware, SSE on the MSI website.​
(D) Reinstall keyboard driver in Device Manager.​

6. Fan noise
1. If you have the fan noise issue, follow the steps below to check the problem.​
A) Open Dragon Center or Creator Center, find the "System Tuner" page.​
B) Set the fan speed to lowest to check if the fan noise remains.​
If the noise only exists when the fan is spinning, we suggest you contact the local service center for further help or select the Category of the Web ticket as "Repair & Warranty" to report your problem.​
2. If the fan 2 is showing 0 RPM, please check if the system is using the discrete GPU (dGPU).​
The fan 2 only works when the dGPU is activated.​
You can check if the system is using dGPU by looking at the power button LED.​

7. Built-in camera malfunction
Video Tutorial:​

8. Where can I download drivers and utilities for my notebook utilities on MSI website.
1. Download the drivers and utilities on MSI website.​
2. Using MSI Driver & App Center or MSI Dragon Center/Creator Center (UWP) to have the latest drivers and utilities as well.​
Video Tutorial:​
If your notebook supports MSI Driver & APP Center.​
If your notebook supports MSI Dragon Center or MSI Creator Center (UWP), they have a built-in "Live Update" feature which helps you to get the latest drivers and utilities.​

9. How to restore Windows 10 system on MSI Notebooks?
Video Tutorial:​
System recovery will erase the personal data, please backup your file to external storage before the system recovery.​

10. Upgrade information
1. RAM (Memory) & SSD​
Compare your original RAM & SSD with the specification on the MSI website.​
Upgrade the RAM & SSD with the same brand and specification.​
or go to vendor’s website and search for compatible SSD/RAM.​
We suggest you upgrade the RAM & SSD at the MSI service center to keep the warranty and best compatibility.​
2. CPU & GPU​
Only the notebook with Desktop CPU (e.g. GT76 Titan DT series) supports CPU upgrade because other models have the soldered CPU & GPU on the motherboard and they don't support upgrade CPU & GPU to another generation.​

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For more guides, please click: Ask A Question
Or visit our MSI service centers for worldwide RMA services.
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Thanks for the useful information, will share to my friends who are using MSI as well ;)


Mar 22, 2013
tons of QA been listed here and mostly helpful for engineer or people who encountering problems. thank you msi!
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