Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 and PSU MSI MPG A1000G (1000W)


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Mar 18, 2023
I got a Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 reference and need to plug it with my MSI MPG A1000G PCI-E5 ATX (1000W).

The 4090 GPU typically comes with 12+4 pins 12VHPWR power cable with 3 or 4 connectors.
You require 3 connectors for a normal setup and 4 if you would like to support OC.
The estimate GPU power drain for a normal setup is 450W.

The MSI MPG A1000G PCI-E5 ATX comes directly with a 12VHPWR port and a dedicated cable, without any splitter.
Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 13.21.25.png

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 13.21.42.png

Is it safe to make a 1:1 connection between my PSU and my GPU solely relying on the 12VHPWR port and cable?
If yes, is this setup going to support OC as well?
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Feb 11, 2012
yes its fine just make sure its Fully Seated into the GPU and PSU as they are easy to not fully push in and do not bend the cable alot coming out the GPU.

with that type GPU usually its better to get a 90 Degree Adapter for it as then you do not have to Bend the Cable at all as you can then plug it in without needing to put an excessive bend on the Cable to be able to put the side panel on.