OC i5 6600k on z270 gaming m7 (HELP)!

Dec 7, 2022
Good afternoon guys, I have a problem with my z270 gaming m7 coupled with an i5 6600k. Basically from the bios I activated the game boost on phase 6, and theoretically the i5 should go to 4.38ghz. In fact, from the bios it is like this, it says precisely 4.38, but if I open windows task manager it says that the processor is at 4.28. They are practically 0.10ghz less, how could I solve this problem???


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Nov 7, 2013
Check with CPUz instead. Task manager tends to lie.


Oct 12, 2016
It's better to OC manually if you want to OC. GameBoost has no idea of the quality of your actual CPU's silicon, so it applies too much VCore and power draw tends to increase much more than the performance. It's also crazy to OC by just relying on the task manager (or even CPU-Z). You need to pay close attention to all the sensor data, keep the power consumption and temperatures in check, and see the efficiency (how much more power draw for how much more performance).

So check your sensors with HWinfo64. You can run it and open "Sensors", then expand all sensors by clicking on the little <--> arrows on the bottom. Of course, you first need a baseline without any OC, otherwise you are overclocking blindly without any goal (certainly just a higher frequency can't be the main goal). So the goal has to be better performance without the CPU becoming completely inefficient from too high power draw increase.

So disable any OC, and let HWinfo64 run in idle for a while, so the "minimum" baselines for the values are established. Then produce full CPU load with Cinebench R23. After the CPU temperatures have stabilized at the highest level (let it run for 10 mins), take a screenshot. This will show everything at once (minimum is idle, maximum is full load), and you will have the Cinebench score. Then you can do the same in the overclocked state, compare the power draw, temperatures, performance, and see if it's worth it.