Odd Fan Noise


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Aug 10, 2022
Last week I got my first gaming laptop, an MSI Delta 15, and had to return it because of a broken part. When I got the replacement set up, it had a weird fan noise that the first one didn't have. If it wasn't for the first one sounding completely normal I would've just chalked it up to how the laptop is supposed to sound. I attached a link to a video for how it sounds. Is it just dust in the fan or is there a legit problem with it? I really don't want to replace the laptop a second time, so any advice would be great.

Jan 13, 2021
The sound seems not normal. It is more like the fan issue.
You can try to update the latest BIOS and EC firmware to check again.
If the problem still persist, I think you need to go to the service center to repair it or replace the new laptop.
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