Older motherboard model - 2A90h ver. 1.0 looking for Memory compatibility list


New member
Aug 17, 2023
I was looking to upgrade the RAM on my PC but I realize the motherboard is old (maximum is 8 gb) and there might not be anything compatible in retail stores. Would anyone happen to have a RAM support list for this particular model? Since the main goal of this is the speed up my PC, I was also wondering if an older motherboard such as this is compatible with working with a SSD? This would be if I decided to replace my hard drive.
You'd be looking at DDR3 RAM. An SSD would probably not work as I'd guess the BIOS would not recognise it as you'd have to get one that slots in to one of the PCI slots.
To be honest though, I really don't think you could speed up your PC as it's 14 years old. You could possibly speed it up with "faster" ram and "better" CPU, but as I don't know what you have it's hard to advise.

A full system spec like in my signature would be great.