Optix MAG321CURV HDR "fallback" problem


Oct 1, 2020
Windows 11 up to date
Latest Nvidia drivers 555.99, happened with all previous ones.
Same issue with Gigabyte RTX 3070 Gaming OC and my brand new Zotac RTX 4070 TS

So I have this problem from day one (August 2022).
When HDR is turned OFF, Monitor lose it's previous settings, displaying too much contrast and light, nearly like if HDR still ON

I need to force one profil, different from the one I had before turning HDR ON, or just go in settings and exit (through the back stick), to retrieve my contrast, luminosity, etc.

When it happen, displaying settings from GamingIntelligence, or directly from Monitor OSD menu, still show old settings applied BEFORE I turned HDR ON, so don't reflect the problem I'm seeing: Too much contrast and light, like if all was at Max or nearly at Max. This happen whatever way I use to turn HDR ON or OFF (Windows settings, GameBar, small utility I use daily for having it in SysTray, etc.)

I can't know if this problem is due to:
- Windows 11
- GPU & Nvidia drivers
- MSI GamingIntelligence
- The monitor itself

Unfortunately, if it's a monitor issue, this one don't seems to support any firmware update. I forget to verify this before buying, shame on me...
I had once a suspicion about Nvidia driver, as one day it didn't happened, right after a Nvidia driver update, but was back few days later.

This is not a big deal, just something very frustrating.

Just in case: Do we have a way to launch GamingIntelligence with some parameters to force it to apply a profil, even if it's same than before, like monitor do when I enter settings (through the back stick) and exit?
If yes I could add that to the small utility I use to turn HDR ON and OFF...

Or if somebody know a small utility able to reapply monitor settings I can call automatically after exiting HDR?

Please refer below link first.
Brightness, contrast and color will be controlled by HDR when modifying HDR to ON so this symptom is normally.

What is HDR?
Thanks for your answer!
But I think you misunderstood the issue...

I know HDR take care of Brightness, contrast and color when turned ON, obviously. What I'm saying is when I turn HDR OFF, my monitor get back to an incorrect state, with Contrast, Brightness and Color at "invalid" values, and don't get back to previous state BEFORE I turn HDR ON.

The monitor (or more probably GamingIntelligence software) need to re-apply the values I had before turning HDR ON.

Currently to "fix" this when I turn HDR OFF, I need to manually enter in Monitor menu, and without changing anything, exit, to retrieve all my previous settings.

It's 100% a bug, and GamingIntelligence, currently running, should be aware of that state change (HDR ON to OFF) to reapply current profile/values, after exiting HDR ON.

No offence, but I'm a dev for decades an I know exactly how to recognize a bug when I meet one ;)