P65 Creator 9SE ? Best price for the greatest gaming experience


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Nov 12, 2019
P65 Creator 9SE ? Best price for the greatest gaming experience

This month is my big day, I finally got enough saving to upgrade my laptop~! I would like to share my hype with you guys.

My previous gaming laptop ? Dell inspiration which used for around 3 years, since all the hardware was aged, I planned to renewal a better substitution. While searching, I found 3 of the MSI?s laptops were fit for me, which are GS75, GS65, and P65 creator. They all serve Intel i7 9Gen Operation System, with RTX GPU, 512GB or above SSD, thin and light design. Price is obviously my main consideration, but the RGB lighting effect and visually design were equally important. Turns out I have chosen the most affordable P65, one fun fact for that the P65 initially is not designed for gamers.

When unboxing the laptop, it has a very luxury white box covering the laptop. The laptop itself is not as heavy as other gaming laptops, also, the battery charger is a bit lighter in which it has better mobility.

The laptop was so light, it only contains 1.9kg. I serve 3*USB-A 3.1 port and 1* thunderbolt 3 in USB-C port, 1* speaker and audio port, and 2* display port. To be honest, I wouldn?t use the external display, I mean, if I do so, I would buy a desktop instead. The first impression of the laptop was a clean, bright, color tone similar to the Razer Blade mercury white edition.

In compare with the size, P65 seems not actually 15.6?, instead it merely 14?.
But the actual screen size was the same around 13?. From the keyboard it can tell, it much brighter than Dell's inspiration. The typing experience is not the best, instead, I prefer Dell?s key slots to reset feedback.

At the time I purchase the P65, it bundles a whole bunch of peripheries. In which included a laptop bag pack, protective 15? Sleeve, gaming mouse (M92 RGB),
an additional 512GB M2 PCI-E*4 SSD, and 16GB RAM. I admit that promotion has saved me a lot of money! The sales were kind enough to help me install and process Raid to combine both SSDs into one C: / storage. So now I have 1TB SSD with 24GB RAM, which is huge!
After Raided, the speed of the SSD is around 2000 read and writes, not the best but it solid enough for a mid-range laptop.


The overall the setting of P65 is quite standard for 15? laptops. It provided 3 USB-A 3.1 ports. 2 extension monitors input ports, LAN wire port, both audio and microphone 3.5mm port, and one Thunderbolt 3 in USB-C port. I personally only concern both the USB-A and USB-C. I wouldn?t use the extra monitors due to my desk space issue. My audio equipment is USB-A port and therefore, both 3.5mm are useless to me.

The MSI P65 creator 9SE was installed a few of the software, in which I found the most useful application is the Creator Centre, which similar to the Dragon Centre in gaming series. It could monitor the current status for the CPU, GPU, RAM capacity and all the hardware?s temperature. Moreover, it also able to customize the battery charging setting, which is important to the extent of the laptop life spend. The cooling system is also able to customize as 6000+ speed, very helpful to avoid the overhead issues.

After installing all my favorite games, the game?s loading time has a significant difference, it took less than 1 minute to join a new match on Battlefield 4. However, the window starting time is slower than I expected. It took around 3-4 minutes to ready for operation, the speed is as slow as similar to Dell?s. Other games that launch before 2018 are functionally well. But I just found out that when I play Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it occasionally crashes for some reason. While playing Runescape 3 and other games, the CPU heat remains at 85-95c, that?s the need to raise some concern for overhead issues although they have a fantastic cooling system.

While speaking of the cooling system, it needs to mention that they have 3 fans which could operate at 6000+ spinning speed. That?s the main differentiation with most of the gaming laptop which only serves 2 fans. However, when 3 fans on maximum speed, the noise is very noisy. Even a far distant in my apartment with a thick wall separate my room (around 500 feet), I could still hear that noise clearly.

To summarize, although the P65 is made for the creators, the specification remains the same with the gaming series (GS65 except for the RGB light effect), while the price is significantly cheaper. The body of the laptop is light as a ?laptop? it should be, easy to carry, better mobility. However, the heat issue is definitely rising up my concern and the fan noise is so disrupted.

Finally, I would say it worth 8 out of 10 in my overall analysis. Give it a like if you do enjoy it and perhaps I would make a video for more future content (since I never have experience in video editing). And leave your comments or suggestions, I would more than happy to have a further discussion with you all!
I am pretty happy with mine (though I am a creator, not a gamer). I am having a few issues with using a 1080p 2nd display, but other than that it is amazing!
kate date=1575573394 said:
I am pretty happy with mine (though I am a creator, not a gamer). I am having a few issues with using a 1080p 2nd display, but other than that it is amazing!
what would be the issue? The laptop itself had two ports that can support external display, have you try both as well?
Congratulations. That looks slick as. All the hard work paid off.