Jul 23, 2021
I had bought a B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard on 2nd jan 2020 after going through various reviews online. But sadly the motherboard has stopped detecting the cpu and it has happened for the 3rd time now. Everytime i give it for repair it takes around 10 working days for it to be returned and after 3-4 months i face the same issue.

The first time the issue occured on September 2020 and second time it occured on January 2021. Everytime i have give the motherboard to authorized service center mentioned on your website

"Kaizen Infoserve Pvt Ltd C/O BG Communications
City: Mangalore
Address: G4, Meridian Guru Plaza, Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Bejai, Mangalore"

Now again the same problem has occured.
i have tested all possibilities and found out there is nothing wrong with my power supply unit or processor or any other pheripeherals connected.

I had to send the motherboard for repair again for the third time on 6.7.2021.

The service here in India is pathetic. Today i got the motherboard back and in worst condition. I had given mother board packed in its cardboard cover. But when i got the motherboard it has just come in a plastic wrap with one of the fan headers completely damaged. And to top it all its still not working. There is no value to a product given for repair. Totally disappointed in MSI service here in india.

I have sent a email to msi service india for which till date i havent got a reply and its almost over 2 weeks now.

I am currently frustrated and it is irritating everytime to go give the product for repair and wait for more than 10+ days for it to return.


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Nov 20, 2012
I would probably suggest checking the rest of your components.
Motherboards don't just die over and over like that, and I'm willing to bet something else is causing it. Like a bad/poor power supply.