PC Gaming issues (FPS drops)


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May 20, 2023
Hello, hope you are well
I have been getting a lot of FPS drops in games since I built my PC in November, sometimes 50-60FP. In Fortnite i know it's a CPU based game which relies more on the CPU
I have tried Intel XTU automatic overclocking and it does increase the marks/points but it doesn't fix the drops. My 99% FPS is less than130FPS (when I play online like Arena/Squads) in Creative Mode (private) i get around 700-900FPS and for 99% FPS i get 500fps. When i play Creative mode (public) i get around 500FPS and around 250FPS for 99% FPS
I only play Fortnite and GTA 5. In Fortnite i get 700-900FPS in creative mode which is very good, but when I play Arena or online or when I jump out the bus I get these very bad drops and throughout the game i get very low drops throughout the game
I have a really good PC, i had done a lot of tweaks but I am struggling for BIOS tweaks as every processor/motherboard is different and not many videos on this.
If anyone knows any thing I can try or if there are any settings you may think might be the problem.

Things to note: The cost of power consumption does not matter me, same as fan noise, or if it even costs to pay someone for their expertise, I just want constant FPS as my PC specs are definitely high-end. The only thing I think might be the problem is the monitor and G-SYNC, i have a 144HZ monitor and think that getting a 240HZ G-SYNC could give me constant FPS - This are some streamers i've seen get constant 240 with very little drops and I have better specs than all of them : (2) Oatley's Videos - Twitch , (2) (TOP 25 UNREAL) ZB RANKED GRIND - Twitch , (2) Letshe - Twitch

I9 - 12900K (Brand new)
MSI Z690 WIFI EDGE DDR4 (Brand new)
CORSAIR DOMINATOR PRO DDR4 3000MHz (took from previous PC)
CORSAIR H100I AIO cooler (Brand new)
MSI SUPRIM X RTX 3090 TI (Brand new)
1000W Asus ROG PSU 80PLUS GOLD (Brand new)
Samsung 980 PRO 1TB
PC Case: Fractal POP XL

- I also have another new Samsung 980 PRO 1TB SSD, I was planning on starting from fresh again and see if the OS is the problem etc.
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Alan J T

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Sep 11, 2020
Ya I would say it is your Ram it is a bit on the older side and I believe 3600 cl16 would be a good match

Member @citay is more up to speed on Intell stuff


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Apr 12, 2023
I concur with Alan, in that your ram could be faster with lower latency. I would also invest in a good 360mm AIO for your CPU, especially as you can port this over to any new build you might do in the future. Finally, I'd definitely look into getting a faster monitor, as there's no point in all the high fps your GPU can spew out if your monitor can't properly display them.