PC turns on but does not give video, LED also off

Jul 23, 2021
Hi, I'm having problems with an old mini motherboard, model MSI J1800I.

A few days ago the computer crashed and gave a white screen and there was no way to turn it off normally, so I turned it off.

When trying to reconnect the power supply and the ventilation compartments worked normally, but the LED does not light up and there is no video on the monitor, I have already cleaned as memories and all possible media I know.

I believe there may be problems with a motherboard Bios, but I can't identify the board battery to reset a Bios, and I can't find the jumper, can someone help me?

Picture of the board, I removed the cables so they can see the board better:


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Jan 25, 2007
If this just started from working condition you can be sure that it is just defective