PC VR Users and Toxic Elitism


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Aug 31, 2019
[font="Noto Sans" Arial sans-serif]I wanted some peoples' opinion on here about how they've been treated by the PC VR community. Whenever I hear someone mention how they prefer or even just LIKE the Oculus Quest, they get attacked by PC VR users who continue to say things like "You prefer a mobile phone VR experience over a high-end PC VR experience?" They downplay my enthusiasm to finally be able to get into learning VR development since I don't have a high-end PC to run VR normally but can at least now dabble in 6DoF by deploying an apk to my headset. Is it the most ideal experience? Probably not, but I feel none of them have even given the Quest a chance because they seem to think that everyone can afford an extra $1200+ in good PC hardware. I looked at the comments alone of this video of a guy who shared his opinion on his preference for his Quest over his Rift S after using both, and he got a lot of comments from PC users that thought he was crazy.[/font]

[font="Noto Sans" Arial sans-serif]Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I have not felt welcomed or encouraged in other subreddits, compared to here where everyone is excited about the Quest, supporting it, and sharing really great stories about the things they can do with it and the people they have gotten interested in VR because of it. PC VR is great and all and probably way better in a lot of ways, but dang, if I had the money to afford a PC and a good headset, I'd be able to afford 4x Quests. The Quest is the first 6DoF headset I can afford, and I haven't been able to stop showing my enthusiasm for it. Has anyone felt similar?[/font]

[font="Noto Sans" Arial sans-serif]Edit: Hey, thanks for the thoughts, opinions, and experiences. I kind of felt alone on this one. To reiterate, I am not trying to make a post about how the Quest or PC VR headsets are better than one or the other, just curious on experiences people have had with how they are treated for their opinion on the Quest by those who prefer PC VR. It's just as easy to really like both for what they offer.[/font]