PCIE lane problem with the BIOS to support 3rd generation Ryzen CPU


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Oct 20, 2016
I have a x370 gaming plus motherboard and update to the BIOS E7A33AMS.5JM to support the 3rd generation  Ryzen.
However, this BIOS have trouble to reach PCI-E 3.0 X16 in PCI_E2(the first slot).  my video card (tested with ZOTAC AMP GTX1080ti and a old GTX570) can only work in X8 mode without any other PCIE slot occupied other than the M2 NVme SSD.
While my second PCIE slot can no longer work with this BIOS. (video card on this slots will stop the system at BIOS Logo.


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Jun 29, 2017
I also have x370 gaming plus and there is so many issues with pcie.
First problem is when I enable in Windows boot settings UEFI. Windows load but on my screen I see stuck bios load image. Windows doesnt detect any card but I can login with remote desktop so it works but no gpu is detected in device manager. Everything works except gpu.
If I use the legacy mode I can boot into windows but only after cold boot, never after restart it simply doesnt work it has same result as if I used UEFI mode.
I wouldnt mind to use the non-UEFI mode at all if it worked, but the problem is that it works only with one card and I have 3 vega cards..

What I used to have before "upgrade"
Ryzen 1600
2 Vega64 I think one was running at x16 and one was running at x8
1 Vega64 on x1 riser
1 hdd
1 ssd

Now I have swapped Ryzen for 3600x and I have added 1tb M.2 drive which I didnt have before.
I didnt even try to put in the third card on riser, because I have problem running with one card and cant boot with two.. its really absolutely broken. I was using this setup since Vega launched long time ago.

Also please add save/load of oc profiles because this bios likes to reset all settings from time to time and its extremely anoying to setup everything again especially the fans and oc. The cpu is running stock at 1.45-1.5V core and 1.2-1.3V soc :cry:
Everything worked just few days ago on 7A33v5H


Oct 1, 2017
I think the current Ryzen 3000 BIOS for this board is a Beta release based on an early AGESA (  I'd say you have to wait until MSI gets around to making a beta available for this board that's based on AGESA  The earlier AGESA's had a lot of problems.  MSI made a post on Reddit that they got the latest AGESA really just before the launch but they are actively working on updates.  


TL/DR: They hope to have BIOS's released by end of July.

 I think you can bet they're concentrating on their latest boards and will get to these 300 series boards 'next'.  You're lucky since you've a 1000/2000 processor you can lean back on until they get a stable BIOS for your 3000 processor into release.