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Mar 26, 2014
February 2016

Through the history of competitive gaming, tournaments around the globe have provided us with countless amazing moments to remember, from professional gamers? genius tactics and unswerving tenacity to the burning passion of eSports fans and much, much more. As far as gaming is concerned, there is no secret to victory, nothing profound about the art of victory. All that it takes is an eSports-loving heart, endless practice, unwavering willpower, a certain amount of talent and good luck, and, finally, the kind of gaming rigs that unleash your full potential and take your gaming prowess to the next level. Given enough practice and best-in-class gaming rigs, gamers will develop unrivalled skills, show dominance in contests, and eventually claim the victory.

A world leader in gaming hardware, MSI dedicates itself to designing top-notch gaming rigs that hardcore gamers crave. It is also on a constant quest to reach out and support global eSports teams. This month?s interview, we have MSI?s new alliance, German-based PENTA Sports, in our spotlight. Established in late 2013 and officially launched in early 2014, PENTA Sports is a dominant gaming organization with mature skills and solid tactics. Under PENTA Sports' wings are multiple teams that focus on world-renowned games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Battlefield 4, World of Tanks, S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2, Crossfire, Evolve and FIFA. Young as it may be, PENTA Sports is extremely accomplished and highly acclaimed, with all teams pulling out one victory after another and making a name for themselves in the global gaming scene.

The CS:GO team that we got to interview is actually the top 2 team in Germany, top 16 worldwide and the most successful CS:GO team in the German eSports history. Claiming ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2015 championship, the team also proved their unparalleled strength as a serious contender and legendary team at world-class ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1, ESL ONE Katowice 2015 and DreamHack Winter 2014. Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Owner of PENTA Sports, Andreas 'morpheuZ' Schaetzke talked about the partnership, ?For all of us at PENTA Sports, the passion for gaming runs through our bloodstreams. We see the same passion in MSI through its love and long dedication to eSports. MSI GAMING series will undoubtedly provide the edge that we need to prevail and the partnership will bring both parties more glory and victories along the way!?

The proud ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2015 champions!

A perfect alliance between MSI and PENTA Sports

MSI & PENTA Sports at DreamHack Leipzig the 22-24th of January 2016

CS:GO Major Achievements

League of Legends Major Achievements

Let's chat with CS:GO star player Kevin 'kRYSTAL' Amend
MSI: Hi, kRYSTAL! Thanks for taking the time for this interview. Let?s start by asking you about your general history when it comes to playing games competitively.
kRYSTAL: Hello! To cover it all up would be pretty long - but to sum it up I started playing Counter-Strike: Source competitively at the age of 16 for a German team named iNEXOR and half a year later I joined Team Alternate where I stayed till 2013. After we all switched to CS:GO we were signed by PENTA Sports and here I am!

Kevin 'kRYSTAL' Amend in fighting mode

MSI: What are your thoughts about frequent roster changes of your CS:GO team in 2015? Any internal tensions and challenges back then? How has the team been shaping up for the new year?  
kRYSTAL: It is very frustrating to be honest for myself to see all these changes happening around me. But I shouldn't worry about the past but focus on what lies ahead. eSports is growing rapidly so we need to prove to the world that we are truly a team that can step up and shine on world stage!

MSI: Your team defeated KILLERFISH eSport 2-1 to claim ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2015 championship. Was it a hard-fought victory or an easy one? What was your most impressive performance in the match?
kRYSTAL: For me it was like always: never underestimate your enemies - especially on LAN! The first map was really close and unfortunately for us ex-KILLERFISH took the map with 16:14. The 2nd and 3rd map however we started taking over the control again and finished with 2:1. My most impressive performance in this match I believe was in fact not some crucial kills I made or round I clutched, but not to lose control after a certain defuse incident. :D

PENTA Sports CS:GO team claimed the ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2015 championship!

MSI: What is your next goal in CS:GO? What would you say are the biggest challenges ahead?
kRYSTAL: My personal goal and dream of winning a major hasn't changed and never will. Right now however my goal is so far away like never before.
After my success at Dreamhack 2014 and Katowice 2015, I was for sure heading in the right direction. But now it is not easy at all to keep the confidence and motivation up from time to time, because of the fact that I took one step backwards. It is important to stand up again and regain my motivation, so my first step in order to achieve my goal will be to win the upcoming Minor.

MSI: The lifetime of a team is always full of different cycles. As a driving force behind the team's success, what strategy do you have in place to weather the bottom of the cycle and boost your team's morale?
kRYSTAL: The only thing that will help is hard work and 5 people aiming for one goal. We need to "surrender" ourselves for the team. We have to understand that everything we do as a team is only for one purpose. That is the most important thing we have to understand for 2016, because otherwise we won't make it. Only the team can achieve what we as 5 individuals want - winning a major.

5 people aiming for one goal

MSI: What do you think are your team's strengths and weaknesses? Is there something different that sets your team apart from other eSports teams?
kRYSTAL: I don't want to go too much into detail but we have players of all calibers - madfraggers, clutchers but also tactically wise players. That diversity keeps up our motivation and keeps us focused. We just have to understand, like I said before, how to use our individual strengths as a team. So our strengths are already there, we just need to deploy them in the most efficient way. Our biggest weakness is that we aren't a team yet. Yes, constant roster change is the norm in the fast-paced eSports industry. We know there is no way to avoid it and we are making every effort to complete our CS:GO roster.
As for something that makes us stand out, we are characterized by an unwavering tenacity that makes us stick to our goal of being one of the world's top teams, no matter what obstacles stand in our way.

In the heat of battle

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro Review by kRYSTAL

What Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Owner Andreas 'morpheuZ' Schaetzke has to say
MSI: Hey,morpheuZ! Thanks for your time. Tell us a bit about what you do at PENTA Sports, why you decided to become a Chief Marketing Officer and how you came to be the CMO of PENTA Sports.
morpheuZ: I started with gaming already over 10 years. At first, I played like everybody else and found my passion in gaming. After two years I started to build up the first gaming brand called diamondZ e.V. ? now 9 years after that I am proud to be a part of PENTA Sports. With our marketing agency KAYDEE and the long experience in gaming and eSports marketing it was always my part to take care of all relationships, the promotion and development of the brand. We founded PENTA Sports as a brand in October 2013 and released the brand as a merger of five German eSports brands on January 5, 2014.

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Owner Andreas 'morpheuZ' Schaetzke

MSI: What is your opinion about the current state of the German CS:GO scene?    
morpheuZ: I can say that the CS:GO scene in Germany has still a long way to go. It is the most promising scene beside the League of Legends scene. The German players lost in the last 3-4 years the connection to the top level in the world. In 2015 we made the first step as a legendary team with PENTA Sports at the ESL One in Katowice. Now it is important to invest much time in the German players, to coach them and to go deeper into the team development. It is important to understand the value of every player and the sensitive structure of a professional CS:GO team. To get more stability and to work with a long term focus ? that should be the key to success!

MSI: With an experience of over ten years in the eSports scene, what are the biggest changes you've seen in the professional gaming industry?
morpheuZ: We can describe the eSports scene as the most growing industry today. For the first 10 years from 1999 to 2009, eSports was slowly growing and was still a niche industry. From 2009 until 2011, we saw big changes that made the return of eSports real and opened the door for the global explosion of gaming until today. Riot started to integrate eSports on a high and competitive level into the game League of Legends. After that, Valve, Wargaming and Blizzard followed. Now we have the perfect system and basis for a strong development and, along with ESL and DreamHack, we are making a big splash in the eSports scene.
Also, it is important to know that eSports is not only sports. It is entertainment, and this entertainment needs to be professional, with its own value, storytelling and the characters behind it. I am sure that 2016 will be the biggest year and still the beginning of a worldwide rush of eSports! Let the show begin!

MSI: When it comes to technology, live streaming aside, what technology do you expect will shape the gaming market over the next few years?
morpheuZ: I guess it will be interesting to see the development of the 3D virtual reality. But all in all, I am not sure whether we will have a technology that will pack as much impact as live streaming does on the gaming industry.

MSI: Looking back at 2015, what were you most proud of and what were your biggest disappointments? How accomplished do you think PENTA Sports is and what are your plans for 2016?
morpheuZ: The biggest moments in 2015 was the top 8 placement as the first German team at the ESL One Katowice CS:GO Major Event. Also the German title was for me a really important and proud moment and I really enjoyed it. The biggest disappointment was the relegation out of the ESL ESEA Pro League. Of course we will fight back, but that was a hard moment.
Additionally I have to say that I am also really proud of our S.K.I.L.L. team for winning twice in a row the world championship and our World of Tanks team for placing second at the European finals.
In 2016 our aim is clear: We want to build up PENTA Sports as number one German eSports brand and we want to come back in CS:GO into the top 16 of the world.

PENTA Sports CS:GO - Best of 2015

MSI: Thanks for your time! The last words are yours.
morpheuZ: I want to thank MSI for the great cooperation and I am sure that we can prove in the coming year the phrase: Top Player ? Top Choice! We will grow up together and 2016 will be a big year of eSports, for everybody!

We hope you enjoyed the read and we wish PENTA Sports all the best in future competitions. For all things PENTA Sports related, please check out the links below.
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