poor performance

Sep 25, 2020
eu tenho um núcleo i7 10750h e rtx 2070 no meu laptop msi ge66 raider, mas não posso muitos fps, em bf5 ultra no ray trancing apenas 70/80fps usando 65/70% gpu, meu benchmark é cpu marca 9846 e 3d gráficas marca 13599, gostaria de conhecer o seu opnioes


Aug 21, 2020
I used Google Translation to understand your post:

"i have a core i7 10750h and rtx 2070 on my msi ge66 raider laptop, but i can't do many fps, on bf5 ultra on ray trancing only 70 / 80fps using 65/70% gpu, my benchmark is cpu brand 9846 and 3d graphics brand 13599 , I would like to know your opinions"

I think having 70~80 FPS on ultra option even with ray tracing on any game for FHD is pretty acceptable with your hardware.

If you want to improve performance, I recommend you to

1. turn off all unnecessary functions in GeForce Experience
2. set your Windows 10 battery power mod to better performance, not best performance, to reduce thermal throttling.
3. set your User Scenario in DC to Extreme Performance.
4. turn on your Cooler Boost to prevent thermal throttlnig.
5. always use your laptop as plugged in.
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