Poor RAID 5 performance SLi Eclipse


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Jan 5, 2009
OK, here's an odd one.  I created a 4Tb (4 x 1Tb Spinpoint) RAID5 array on the first 4 ports of the Intel ICH10 RAID controller, giving me about 2.7Tb of usable disk space.

Windows XP is installed on a mirrored set of WD Caviar Blue drives, and won't see the partition (likely because XP only supports up to 2Tb).

Windows Vista 64bit sees the drive as 2.7Tb.  Let's me convert it to a GPT drive in order to partition it, so I created 2 x 1Tb partitons and 1 x 700Gb partition.  Started formatting the first partition and after 4 hours, the figure of 1% finally appears in the disk management window.  Now at this rate, 270x4 hours just to format the partitions? 44 days?  This kinda sucks.

Does anyone know why it would take so long to format a RAID5 partiton?  I thought the Intel ICH10 RAID controller with RAID5 was supposed to be unbelievably fast?

I guess I'm going to be stuck with breaking the 4Tb RAID5 array down into 2 x (2 x 1TB) mirrored pairs instead, so that both XP and Vista can read the partitions, and so that I can start to use this computer in less than 6 weeks!
I have indeed.....

What I am concerned at is the performance of the RAID5.  I have now broken the RAID5 set into 2 mirrored drives, and I'm formatting at the rate of 1%/minute, which is what I would expect.

Very odd, and very frustrating
Hi! Just a 'noob' here, but planning on building a X58 later this year, so been studying up on the i7 info & the Eclipses & Platinums (pdf) MSI manuals. Just a thought from looking at the manual about RAID. Is it possible with all your HDD's & the allocation & mirroring is conflicting with the boards support capability? Page 1-2 (pdf) 7520v1.0 G52-75201X1 shows SATA 1-6 support Intel Matrix RAID 0/1/5/10, & SATA 7-10 support RAID 0/1 & JBOD, & rear E-SATA supports RAID 0/1 & JBOD only. Is your configuration maybe conflicting with what can be supported?
I have a similar issue on my eclipse board as well. Im running bios v 1.6 right now and when raid 5 was going on a 4 disk array it actually slowed my machine down overall. The problems exacerbated after this and I'll be making apost about that seperately, but I think the eclipse raid 5 support is terrible going on my experiences.