PRO Z690-A DDR4 second hand flash light always red

Jan 30, 2023
Today i received my Pro Z690-A DDR4 mobo and as it is second (its brand new) so i dont know which bios its came with and want to upgrade to the most recent bios cause im gonna use a 13th gen cpu.

As i still dont have all the component to the pc i cant boot and see if the bios is compatible with the cpu so i tryied to flash the bios.

I did everything right, downloaded the right bios, formated to fat32, and nammed to file to MSI.ROM and put the flashdrive in the right slot.

When i pressed the bios flash button, the light stayed red and not blinking.

Could it be cause it already has the most recent version or that it didnt recognize the flashdrive?
Feb 16, 2023
To the Top. Having a similar issue with my Pro Z690-A DDR4 mobo, except mine was brand new from vendor... Build date of 2203 ... trying to flash BIOS to work with intel 13600KF...

Downloaded BIOS, formatted 4GB USB to FAT32... even tried using the PART DISK command in the windows CMD line, to "clean" and reformat to FAT32 entirely.

When I plug the USB stick in, however, I push the flash button... the LED flashes once, VERY faintly, almost not visible... and then does nothing. TO be clear, this is the LED that is supposed to be flashing after pressing the flash button.

On the other side of the board, The CPU debug LED is a solid red the entire time...

Have you found any solutions to your problem?


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May 17, 2011
Make sure JUST the bios file is present on the flash drive, and you need to rename it to MSI.ROM (There is a note in the manual. Why this unnecessary step is required is beyond me, but hope it helps!)


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Feb 11, 2012
also make sure your Flash Drive is a small Capacity cheap Drive as they are usually the most Reliable to do BIOS Flashes. typically get a 4GB-16GB one that is formatted to FAT32 and the BIOS file is Renamed to MSI.ROM and is the only thing on it.

the more expensive a Flash Drive is the more likely it is to refuse to Flash From it.