problem PM8M2-V (MSI-7071)


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Jul 22, 2020
problem with motherboard PM8M2-V (MSI-7071)
Hi everyone, I have a problem with this (new) motherboard regarding access to bios and more.
As I said the motherboard is a PM8M2-V (MSI-7071) after several tests, I connected a PS2 keyboard because probably the usb did not recognize it yet; so far it's ok, the keyboard works and I can go into bios.
The problem is that at this point I can only set something, after which after 20 seconds the PC turns itself off. Though
however I don't enter bios, the pc when I turn it on but when it arrives at the "load windows normally" prompt after 1 second goes out. Note that I detached the HD ... the floppy, leaving only the CDrom with the bootable windows cd inside (after be able to set the cdrom as the first boot device from bios)
I state then that the card has a process. Intel 775 and 2 memory banks of 515 mb each (which for what I have to do are sufficient). Does anyone know why the pc stays on for about twenty seconds and then turns itself off independently within or not in the bios?

Thank you


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Jan 25, 2007
That sounds like either overheating or simply a defect (the board is ancient).

Check if the cpu cooling is properly working and installed using thermal paste.