Problem sound drivers


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Nov 10, 2015

I have some problems with the detecting of the jack plug (headphones). Both play sounds at the same time (speakers and headphones), the headphones aren't detected by the system.

I recently fixed my fan of my laptop GS60 2PL and had a problem with the system so I had to rollback to an earlier stage where the error didnt occure.
Everything worked fine till my ethernet driver didn't worked anymore code (10) I fixed this by reinstalling the driver for it.
I tried to research on google and youtube how to fix the sound problem but I coudn't find a way out.

I tried:
  • reinstalling the sound driver from the MSI site
  • uninstalling the driver in device manager
  • updating the driver in device manager
  • look in the playback sound settings
  • look in the properties and configuration of the sound settings
  • download the default realtek driver from the realtek site
  • Updating other drivers
  • restarting my laptop
  • trouble shoot sound problems
The system says there isnt a jack plugged in.

For all futher replies thank you very much.


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Nov 10, 2015
Alright I tried some new things on my own to play around with it.
I changed drivers from the realtek site to see what it does, the funny thing was that when I switched drivers to high defenition audio driver it worked for a second before disabling my headphone.
(right click windows flag > device manager > sound video and game controllers > Realtek high defenition > update driver > browse my computer > let me pick from a list > high defenition audio device)

I researched further into the problem and found the hidden way to open the device manager.
(which is located in programs files > realtek > Audio > HDA > RtkNGUI64.exe)
I noticed the the analog wasn't connected which was a problem.
I changed the Device advanced settings into separate to separate all input devices then I closed it and clicked on the map to change enable the pop up function when a device is plugged in.
Afterwards I screwed open my laptop and looked inside how it is connected.
When changing my fan I did not disconnect any audio parts so something must have gotten loose.
I pushed everything to see if everything is properly connected and afterwards closed my laptop.
I started my laptop and the analog seems to be connecting in the device manager.
The music is properly send into the headphones without the speakers at the same time.

So I thought the problem was solved but the strange thing was that in the sound settings the headphones didnt display.
I runned a couple of tests to see what is wrong.
I disconnected my headphones and see if the speakers are working - worked.
I plugged my headphones back in - speakers and headphones are both playing again at the sametime.
I looked in the realtek manager, the analog isn't connected.

I'm highly confused about all this :confused2:
I tried to slowly put the audio jack in and it seems it wants to connect just not properly as it should be.
The headphones not showing up in the sound > playback is still an issue
and the recognition of the jack input so it doesnt plays both on s,peakers and headphones
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