Problem with MSI MEGA PCs Hi-fi mode



Hi there.

I have a problem with my MEGA PC. its totaly crap hehe.
The machine works very good while im using it as a pc. but when i turn it into Hi-fi mode then its starts to mess with me.

I have a normal old "cyber drive" 24x cdrom driver. in my mega pc. and i cant get it fo find the cd drive at all. i start the hi-fi mode. and when i press eject it dossent do anything. no respons at all. so i pull down the small door and press on the eject button on the cd drive. And then it works. it ejects but when i put a normal musicalbum into it and close it. it only says. NO CD in the display. now when i run it in pc mode tje ejectbutton on the MEGA PC works very good no trubbel at all.. but the cd stops excisting when i turn the hi-fi on.

Now my question is.. is the CD drive "2 old" or do i need a msi one to get this hi-fi mode to work ?

plz anwser fast so i can rma this thing if something is broke.


What the hec, the HiFi mode is part of why I bought this thing. Has someone figured a solution yet? I even tired three diffrent CD Drives, one was a brand new samsung 54x CDR. I need Answers!