Problems with TV-OUT - SVIDEO




I just bought a GF4 MX 460 VTP and tested almost everything, except SVIDEO IN/OUT.

I have a SONY 39" with 3 A/V inputs and 1 SVIDEO IN.

To able SVIDEO on my TV I must configure one of my A/V IN profiles in the MENU screeen to receive SVIDEO. OK... it?s done... (I had a pinnacle card that worked just like that...)

And I pluged the SVIDEO cable at my VGA-OUT connector from MSI and at my TV SVIDEO IN.

OK OK !! So now what ??? How can I watch TV using SVIDEO cables ??? Do I have to configure what ?
The screeen remains blank !!!

Doing this using Composites (RCA) cables works just fine... but with my SVIDEO cable does not works...

Is my MSI connector not working fine ? Or I misunderstood configuration ???


Tks a lot !

By the way... I use WIN XP , detonator 2942 and run a DURON 950mhz on a ASUS A7V133 + 512 ram + 70gb HD 7200 (2hds)

hi !
mm...all cases about TV-out have been seen in forum :) MX460 - MX440, no big deal, all the same, so plz, try to find it urself...if no, well post a msg :)