Product review GF63 Thin, and privacy concerns.

Nov 13, 2021
Horrible design. The clickpad ruins the device. It's basically on the left of the laptop, so your arm has to cross over the laptop if you are using it (For right handed people), not ergonomic at all. The clickpad being on the left also makes you right click often, when you mean to left click. The buttons are under the click pad, so when you try to click, the mouse moves, and you click the wrong thing, and since it's so far to the left, your palm ends up resting on the clickpad, causing more errors. These flaws make using this laptop a disaster, constant misinterpretations of desired input, or unintended movements and palm clicks on the mouse. I'll never buy another laptop with a clickpad, or with a mousepad that isn't in the center of the laptop. It's as if the company did no prototype testing.

Don't buy unless you plan on never using it's clickpad, which defeats the purpose of owning a laptop.

So done losing my work to design flaws, as a palm click navigates to an undesired web page, deleting the work from the form I was filling out. Spend more if needed, you will pay for it in time lost otherwise.

About the privacy concern. When I came to this site to sign up, you already had an account registered to my email, and seeing as I've never used this site before, I'm going to have to assume that you created the account on my behalf with data collection, which does not make me happy. I track who I give information to, and in what capacity, the fact that companies like yours, forces registration for support of products, so you can profit more off private individuals data is a disgusting practice in and of itself, and to also be registering people in databases they don't know about, is also sickening. These are the type of practices that the general public is tired of, and Web 3.0 isn't going to enable. You better start respecting peoples privacy, because we are taking note, and will be voting with our dollars. Stop selling people and their information as if they are a product, after they buy products from you, in order for them to receive the support you tell them is free.

Makes me wonder if these corporations mislead stakeholders through registering people who don't know about it, or forcing them to do so for support, just so they can point to it as evidence of growth.

I'll never buy another product from you, because of your data collection practices. I didn't create the account, and I'm almost positive you did it in an underhanded manner, either throgh fine print,or blatant disregard for my right to privacy. My data, my choice, you shouldn't be allowed to use a service that was to be included with my product for free, as a means of data collection, regardless of industry standards. I don't care about your privacy policy, and what you promise not to do with my information, when corporations can't even protect their own data.
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Nov 7, 2013
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