PWM smart fan control doesn't work (X299 XPower Gaming AC)


New member
Apr 7, 2021
I'm running a Ci9-10980XE Cpu on my X299 Xpower Gaming AC.

PWM Smart fan control for CPU, Pump and Channel Sys1 - Sys4 work as it should, the fan point stays on the 4-Point-Fan-Curve and goes up and down as it should if the Temps go up and down.

Unfortunately it doesn't work for the 4 other Fan-Channels EXS1 - EXS4.

The fan point stays on the first point on the Fan-Curve. Always, no matter if the Temps are going up or down.

I already tried every BIOS which works with the 10980XE, but unfortunately no effect to the fan control.

Does anyone have the same problem and can help me?