r5 3600 pinned at 4.2Ghz with ocgenie, how to enable throttling?


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Sep 14, 2018
Motherboard is a X570-A PRO with the latest HD4 bios. I have tried various overclocking styles, and the one button ocgenie seems to be best for me.

Apart from one problem - when running with ocgenie all cores are pinned to 4.2Ghz and never go into "slow"mode. Windows 10 power scheme is "AMD Ryzen Balanced"

Is there a specific bios tweak that will re enable cpu throttling so im not constantly at 4.2 when browsing the web?


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Oct 12, 2016
My advice, don't use OC Genie. In fact, don't overclock Ryzen 3000 at all. The intelligent power management and the granular turbo modes get cancelled, and you drastically lose efficiency. Meaning, for a tiny performance improvement, the power consumption rises way too much.

Since a few generations, AMD has perfected their turbo modes to use 99% of the CPU's natural capabilities. If you overclock on top of that, you are going way past the efficient point in voltage vs. performance, immediately increasing power draw and heat production, with little to show for on the performance side.

If you want to overclock something, look at the RAM. Get DDR4-3600 working with the tightest timings your RAM can manage in a stable way. This will give a good boost in performance, while not having any of the downsides of CPU overclocking.