Re: TV@Anywhere Plus & Windows 7 Beta-l-Split


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Jan 22, 2011
I'm sorry to re-open this old thread but I have the same problem with my Tv @nywhere plus card and your solution is not working for me and I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing.

I just bought my TV @nywhere plus. Once installed, I tried to open the media center, it detect the tuner and everything but when it open, I got no image, only the sound (totally black screen)
I, then, installed the MSI drivers and application "VivaTV". VivaTv is working fine.

I tried Media Center again and there is no change. Still no image, sound only.
I looked at many forum and everybody give the same solution, change your video settings...

The problem is, I think I don't have the same version of VivaTV than you have because here is my video settings:

This is my version of the software:

Even if I put the video settings to the brightest, I still see no image in the Windows Media Center...

I was wondering if any of you faced this problem with this version of VivaTV and Windows media center...

Was that 'Viva TV' on the driver/utility disc with TV@+? I don't know anything about the 'Viva TV' as my older card from several years ago had something different.

Have you tried the one from MSI website yet?
Yeah, Viva TV is the software on the disk that came with TV@+.
I downloaded and install the driver from the website already but it didn't made any changes.

I just downloaded the software and installed it. It is working perfectly, as VivaTV was.
But TV@nywhere plus software didn'T made any changes to my windows media center...

I still have the sound but no image.
I really want to use Windows Media Center because it's TvGuide and recording system....