reading problems with MS-8340S

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Lord of Darkness

When I use Nero CD Speed to check the CD Quality of my discs, no matter what kind of disc, it gives me a result of over 70.000.000 reading errors (this are damaged areas that are still readable). Similarily, the scandisc feature gives me 100% DAMAGED discs. Now, the media is out of question because every kind of disc, from printed to copyed to auido to data posts the same results. I'm using the latest NERO/Firmware/CD Speed/ATAPI versions, IMAPI is disabled, and the problem persists. Nevertheless, the driver reads this supposedly damaged discs at full speed (48x), so I believe this can be a fake reporting, and that the writer isn't reading any errors, but what can I do to fix this? The only thing I have left is to put the drive on a separate IDE cable, since now shares the same cable with an ATA-133 disc.



What is the computer's specification? Have you tried the drive on another machine?