Really Need Some Help Overall Problems Photoshop & Graphic's Card


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Jan 15, 2016

Please bare with me as my situation is complicated and involved. Also, I once again had no idea where to post this because I have been unable to find a topic that's relevant to my issue(s) or a "genernal" CRY for help. So, I apologize if I am in the wrong area. :bonk:

My Apache Pro GE72 - 2QF latop with Windows 10 64 bit arrive about two weeks ago. 

While running through setting up the following happened:

1. I was using DVD's to create a Backup disc but when it got to disc 4 it said the DVD wasn't big enough and so I was not able to finish. 

2. In the interim I came across the NVIDIA GeForce Experience that stated I needed to update their driver. But no matter what I did it kept saying it would not connect. I checked my WIFI and it was strong and stable. So, I went to NVIDIA's website and apparently it downloaded a new version (?) of the GeForce Experience and the driver. 

3. This brought the Device Manager to mind. At the time I had no idea that it was not necessary to update the drivers and so I proceeded to update about 20 outdated drivers. 

4. I opened the Device Manager again and this time there was an Error Code 19 on the Radio Switch Device. So, I did some research and felt I had found a solution on Tom's Hardware which said to click in the Uninstall Button and restart the machine and so that's what I did. When I went back the Error 19 Code was gone. 

I proceeded to test the Bluetooth by pairing my phone to the machine and sending a picture from my phone to the laptop. And I checked to make sure my WIFI was working properly because from what I had read those are the things controlled by the Radio Switch Device. 

5. I went ahead and updated Java. 

6. I set the Wallpaper and adjusted other features to my liking. 

7. I downloaded Photoshop Creative Cloud and from there I downloaded Photoshop CC 2015. While CC was installing a pop up said something about the Graphics card and the 3D features but the man at Adobe said it was nothing and to ignore it and that Photoshop would be able to use the Graphic's Card to run the 3D applications (Um, Ok). 

8. So, I went to the Preferences in Photoshop to set things up and everything looked okay. The 3D panel was not Grayed Out and it looked as thought the Graphic's Card was checked off as being able to be used. 

9. So, I am still not fluent with 2015 and so I called Adobe for help installing Photoshop CC (not CS6 but the one right after). I opened CC and went to the 3D option only to find every aspect Grayed Out. I opened the Preferences panel and there I saw that everything is turned off. It did not even have the option to check off a radio box next to the listed Graphic's card. I also noticed that under the 3D Preferences that it said OpenGL needs to be activated or something to that effect. I found that the computer has OpenGL version 4.4 and thought maybe the version is causing an issue?? 

I called Adobe (which is often a 50/50 chance for help), and explained everything I just said above. The man checked a lot of things I have never seen or heard of before and after about 1.5 hours on the phone with him he concluded that the Intel Graphic's Card and the NVIDIA (GTX 970M) cards are conflicting with each other and/or Photoshop and because of this conflict Photoshop apparently cannot decide which card to use and therefore it's refusing to use either card. 

This doesn't seem logical to me because in my Dell laptop there is an Intel and a NVIDIA (GTX 650M) card and I was able to install 3 different versions of Photoshop, 2 of Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and 1 of Edge Animate, After Effects and GIMP and Inkscape.  And they all were able to use the 3D features without my having to Disable the Intel graphics card. 

10. I called MSI Tech "Support" the person was not very helpful and did not do well at communicating with me or answering any of my questions. He would let about 15 minutes go by without saying a word to me and in the end he told me to Reset the computer to factory settings and then he basically hung up on me. I asked him rather I really needed to disable the Intel card but he never gave me an answer. This is the main reason I have come here for help. I am aware this is a user based forum but I am praying someone will know what it is that I can do to use Photoshop and other apps to their full potential without having to disable the Intel card from the BIOS system. 

While waiting for my MSI laptop to reset (now at a mere 35%), I've been using my phone to do some research and I found a forum where other people have had the same issue. Someone mentioned that there should be an Application "already running" that associates applications with each Graphic's card and that there's this SLI Bridge (no idea what that is), that decides which Graphic's card should be used with each particular task. It goes on to say that I should be able to set each application (such as games and photo editing software etc. such as Photoshop to either the NVIDIA or the Intel or even both. But I have no idea where or how to find said tool/application in order to set this to that and so on. 

Does anyone here know? I have also been searching and searching online but thus far it's been elusive. 

I am really sorry that this is so terribly long but I thought all the information would better help someone to help me. 

If you need any more information please let me know. You have no idea what it means to me to have this forum. As a new user of MSI and Windows 10 this forum has been a godsend and my sole salvation. I have been at this setup since January 11th and would love to just get things working properly. Lord knows I miss Windows 7!