Red Dead Redemption 2- Steam


Dec 16, 2005
I have not spent a lot of time in the game. I like open worlds and this genre A-RPG is my fav- and I prefer guns over swords bows spells magic- but they can be cool to. I do not think the game is perfect like many state- its kind of janky imo but cool. Different mechanics- like having to cock the lever action before fire is odd- in most games it would auto cycle- and trying to pick up stuff can be hard- but I learned how to go 1st person and back to 3rd if wish- 1st is best for trying to pick up stuff or if have to click some switch or something. Using the bow is not so easy- if real in game- you would be very weak or a girl- but you get use to it. Lots of key binds to try and get use to and being on keyboard and mouse not the most easy. A learning curve for sure- but the more I play the more I like it- and it is pretty. I have lots of games- so I get to them when I feel like it- or play a little- maybe get stuck and go play something else- and get back when ever. Some I start and play to the end- and can sit here 15 or more hours a day playing. Can be any game- I dont like reading walk throughs and spoil. It is times I get stuck and try over and over many times and have to go on net and read how to move on- not often but I am sure people understand.

I have settings cranked pretty good. In game bench says 100 FPS. In game 100-115 @ 4K. Texture Quality- Ultra. AA 16x. Lighting Quality- Ultra. Global Illumination Quality- Ultra. Shadow Quality- Ultra. Far Shadow Quality- High. Ambient Occlusion- High. Reflection Quality- High. Mirror Quality- Ultra. Water Quality- High. Volumetrics Quality- Ultra. Particle Quality- High. Tessellation Quality- Ultra. DLSS- Quality. DLSS Sharpening- 1/3. Looks sweet runs good. I will tweak more Im sure.


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