Registering with Dragon center?

Dec 8, 2021
To try out my new MSI desktop's lighting effects in Dragon Center I had to click the "Join MSI Member" and follow through with giving them my name, a new password, address, and so on. After, when I click on "My Device" my screen shows info on my Desktop with a purchased date of 2021-11-30. Does this mean I registered my pc? I did not mean to do this because I intend to give this pc as a gift to a family member and would like them to be able to register this device themselves. If this device is registered, is there anyway to undo it? Does Dragon Center allow more than one user to register so that they can play with the lighting effects themselves? (This pc was bought from and comes with a 1-year warranty from them.)
MSI did send me an email to "Activate my account", which I have NOT done. The same page that shows my desktop purchase date also shows my graphics card but it has not been activated and so there is no purchased date but they do have a button to try and get me to register it.
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