[Request] msi gt72s 6qe


New member
Dec 21, 2019
Hey Svet. Im trying to play a little bit with the TDP reading with my msi gt72. Ive got the 1782 motherboard with 6820hk processor, current bios version e1782ims.122. 
Im mostly looking for one specific option that doesn't show up here in bios, which exists in other laptop's bioses. I want to change the IMON Slope offset prefix in the advanced oc menu, the path to it is Advanced->OC menu->cpu vr settings->core/IA vr settings-> and there are the imon slope options, but there isn't an option to change the prefix of the offset, which exists in other bioses.
Let me know if you could do something about that for me please ;).

Thanks, and have a good one !
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