Rivatuner showed CPU Temp: 100 °C


Nov 24, 2015
Hi guys

So today I was playing a game and I am always look at statistics for my CPU/GPU/ Fan speed etc from Afterburner's rivatuner.
I happen to look and saw a temperature of exactly 100°C on my 9700k (Actually undervolted by 0.0050v which been running for months no issues), I immediately closed the game, went to check my cpu fans heatsink which was spinning normally. I checked my case if was smelling any burning or smoke and nothing. Everything normal.
Then I launched HWinfo64 as well as HWMonitor and temps never went above 60c in neither, even when I was back at the same game and played it for hours.
Could that just being an number error/bug of some sort that triggered for a few seconds?
FYI my rivatuners version is: v7.3.3.26004

If anyone have seen this or think its a gbug let me know

Thanks in advance
Could be a bug/glitch. Depends on where the glitch has happened. What you could do, update your BIOS to the latest version: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MPG-Z390-GAMING-PLUS/support

This should give you the best chance of preventing that from the BIOS side. Make sure to enable Re-size BAR for your 3090 Ti (or actually, in the newest BIOS, it should be enabled by default). Also enable XMP and set your custom settings.