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Feb 11, 2012
to check the status of a RMA use this link https://rma3.msi.com/RMA_Portal_Customer_Service/Default.aspx
select end user and location


Online Repair Progress Query

then in Quickly Query Area

RMA No:      (?Required key in) < note: if there is a -E on the end leave that part out just the AA0-00000000 type data at the beginning for the number
Barcode No: (if its being a bit awkward on giving you the information with just the RMA number this is for the Serial number of your product)

if that is of no help please contact MSI directly thank you. >>How to contact MSI.<<

another way is through the Main registration control panel to monitor the status of your RMA https://register.msi.com.

Note 1: MSI uses DHL typically to ship orders back to customers on Express Delivery
Note 2: This is a USER to User Forum and it is not our Job to check RMA's for you
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