Roger in AHQ: Do not let go until the dream hand


Nov 5, 2014
ESports movements are in full swing and continue to flourish currently in Taiwan.
MSI contributes a lot to eSports by supporting gamers and teams all over the world. MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, is honored to sponsor Roger who is a member of the AHQ eSports team founded in Taiwan. Let us unveil the secret of the gamer as well as a popular Taiwanese live anchor of ?HearthStone?.

1.     As the first ?HearthStone?player of AHQ eSports team, why do you want to join it?
In a fortuitous opportunity to meet AHQ boss Xie who invited me sincerely to join AHQ. He hoped that there will be more top-performing gamers of?Hearthstone ?in the team. I was touched by his sincere attitude and promised him to join AHQ. At the same time, I had great opportunities to work with some top players and get complete eSports team training.

2.     Any expectation to AHQ eSports team? What AHQ can help you?
I am highly excited to enter AHQ! I will keep following the team activities as well as other plans for new games. In each activity, it is very important to cultivate mutual recognition though it usually takes time. In current eSports environment, there are a lot of unexpected challenges to overcome. Trusting team members to each other no matter how difficult it would be. In the mean time, it is also important for a team to get the supports from sponsors. Hope my skills and records would get big improvement with intensive team training!

3.     In 2015 eSports tournaments, can you share the most memorable or impressed one with us?
I got the 1st runner-up in Viagme House Cup 2 held by Viagme. In the three-day tournament, I really performed very outstanding and beat a lot of well-known players. It was a very special experience in international competitions and let other foreign players know that Taiwanese players should not to be sniffed at.


4.     It is said that you are currently in Shanghai to get team 's training, can you share us any interesting experience?
This is my first time to Shanghai, so I find it is a very special experience.
There are huge crowds of people everywhere, and it takes me a lot of time in traffic jam.
I really feel that "Shanghai" is one of the most prosperous cities in China
Dormitory schedule is very tight, and we usually practice many hours a day. Through the daily training, all team members can strengthen their cohesion and cultivate mutual trust.

5.     MSI has a full range of gaming products. Which is your favorite and would like to recommend to gamers?
The future of MSI GAMING notebook will be fully expected. For a beginning player, notebook is the best choice. MSI GAMING notebook satisfies me no matter in design, stylish and performance according to my using experience. Its portability amazes me and it runs pretty smoothly with high performance games.
It is quite fast and smooth to run the complicated 3D games with its high performance and human design.The dragon logo on the notebook also makes a deep impression to me!


6.     Which tournament or activity you are particularly looking forward in 2016? Do you have any goal to achieve this year?
I hope to promote my reputation and attend more worldwide tournaments aggressively in 2016.
In order to achieve this great goal, I endeavor to practice hard every day and hope everybody can see my great performance on the world stage as soon as possible.
Another goal this year is to get closer to my fans. With today's technologies, there are so many ways to interact with fans, for example, live streams, social media and online broadcasts.

7.    Science and technology are in continuous innovation, which future electronic products or features will lead a trend and bring about the revolution?
It should be VR (Virtual Reality) I think. Nowadays, most of the virtual reality technology are usually presented through the screen, head mount device or other VR device. I think VR is likely to bring a lot of innovations and applications in the future.
This technology is expected to be possible in our lives within the next few years.
I am looking forward to enter a completely artificial world of 3D!

8.     Any expect about the current eSports development in Taiwan? Do you think Taiwan eSports will shine on the international stage in the future?
I hope our government can pay more attention to the eSports industry and foster related talents actively.  Taiwanese gamers have achieved good results in international eSports competitions, their excellent performance also attract the attention of foreign players and increase the visibility of Taiwan.
Electronic sports (eSports) kicks off a new generation of digital sports. With the mature internet and computer technology, gamers and fans grow rapidly especially in Taiwan. Such huge fans really give unlimited development in Taiwan's gaming industry. The government should pay more attention to the demands of young people and provide more opportunities and ways to them.

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