RTX 3060 MSI Ventus X3 OC wont work on my PC

Sep 2, 2022
Hi, I've had my pc for over a year now, with no major issues, I am rocking an Intel i5-11400 on an Asrock H510-HVS mother board, with a Corsair CV650 PSU and 16GB of ram. My Zotac GTX 1060 mini 6GB has always worked fine with it, and was recognized instantly the first time that it was installed, and is still working if I take out the newer card. When the 1060 is not in, the iGPU will kick in.
So far I have tried to manually install Nvidia drivers, disable all display adapter drivers, unplug and reconnect the GPU, windows updates, forced shut down, restore UEFI (BIOS) to default, and even a BIOS update (Asrock UEFI sucks, version is P1.90 whatever that means).
I got this from a friend who bought a bunch for mining, but he claims that the one he gave me was never used for it, he gave it to me in box(Open but seemingly unused) and said he just tested it once to see if it works and it did.
When connected to my PC there will be no signal, the fans on the GPU are spinning, and nothing shows on device manager (only the iGPU), if the onboard graphics are not connected I will not get image at all. Thing is, he had another card with the same conditions and I made him swap them, and the second one won't work either.
I am running Windows 11 version 21H2 (22000.918) and installed the Nvidia game ready driver 516.94. The new card is an GeForce RTX 3060 MSI ventus 3x OC. Does anyone have any idea of what I can try next, thanks in advance for the help!


Aug 26, 2021
Is it possible the card actually works when built in graphics are disabled but you just don't get any signal out and therefore you think it's not working ?
What I mean by that, are you running HDMI or DisplayPort, and can try try each type ?

There's some monitors that have a hard time waking up and showing any signal with RTX cards via DisplayPort,
and there's a setting for active DP detection or low power DP, something like that in the monitor sometimes ...