RX 6500 XT - A Recording Solution That Works!

G. G.

RX 6500 XT owner
Sep 11, 2022
HI all,,
Since the RX 6500 XT has no hardware recording capabilites, I am now using OBS Studio to record and it was fairly easy to setup. Here's how it can be done:

1. Download OBS Studio: https://obsproject.com/
2. Start the wizard and let it give you the best recommendations based on your rig's hardware
(Note: It will recommend a software encoder because there is no hardware encoder)
3. Select a recording source (I selected my display)
4. Select the option for OBS to minimize to the system tray on startup
5. Change the hotkeys to start and stop recording (if you so desire)
(I selected ctrl+shift+1 to start and ctrl+shift+2 to stop)
6. When you select start recording, a tiny red dot will appear on the OBS icon in the system tray, and it will disappear when you select stop recording
(Unfortunately, these are the only start/stop recording indicators and you will not be able to see them if you are recording full screen)

So, for example, if you are watching a youtube video or gaming, this new RX 6500 XT is doing much of the graphics work and the cpu has plenty of room for the additional recording function. In my case, I have a lowly I3-10100F cpu with 4 cores and 8 threads. And, surprisingly, my cpu occupancy only jumped about 15% to 20% when I started to record. In fact, my total cpu load never went beyond the 50% mark.

And finally, after I made the initial recording, I was able to go in and edit the video and save it in a different format so I guess the decoder part is still working?


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