Samsung 970 Pro slow with MSI Z270 M7


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Jul 30, 2020
I have a Samsung 970 Pro mounted inside a motherboard MSI Z270 M7.
I did a lot of test in these conditions:
- no other disk or SATA peripheral
- pc just formatted with latest windows 10, with all drivers, including samsung driver for the disk.
The Samsung 970 Pro is "slow" as you can see:

The disk state is good and the temperature is ok, so is not Thermal Throttling.
The bios is updated to the latest available update.
In the bios I didn't find anything relevant or useful other than "PEG X - Max Link Speed" that can be "Auto", Gen1, Gen2, or Gen3, and I have tried them all :\
I already I tried to mount the disk to others M.2 slots of the motherboard.
I don't known what to do :\
Any ideas?
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