Screen problem at startup

Oct 16, 2021
Hello, I would like to have information about a problem I have with my Optix MAG241CV screen that I bought in November 2020. I will explain the problem. For some time now, when the screen is turned on, lines appear on the screen. After a while (about 30 seconds / 1 minute) the lines disappear and I can use the screen normally until the next time I turn it on or the problem reoccurs and gets worse and worse. Moreover one of the pixels of the screen does not work, it is white but it is not disturbing because it is very little visible. So my question is what should I do to remedy this problem and if I can make the warranty work? This product is guaranteed for 3 years and I bought it in November 2020 on Rue du Commerce. It is still under warranty and it's been less than a year that I have this screen. I will send you attached photos of the screen when the problem occurs and also when the display returns to normal. Thank you in advance for your answer and have a nice day.



The sky above the port was the color of television
Jul 19, 2020
That seems a dying panel ... is warranty still valid? RMA the monitor