Sekira 500x build


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Oct 24, 2022
I thought: "WOW!! This is what all PC Towers want to be when they grow up." I bought one from Amazon for $412 AU. Why? Because it looked 'great!' Huge fans... Great cooling... super lighting... Vertical video card support. Sounds exciting! But...
The attachment interface points for the video riser cable do not line up with the holes in the Riser cable and they are too far away from from the 'correctly fitted' attachment panel supplied by MSI. The cable/card interface connector is not supported from beneath (between surface mounting points), meaning that it is easy to break if the card is manipulated vertically when fitting. The riser cable I bought cost $112 as I wanted quality, so the fault is not with the cable. Now... I'm back to the standard horizontal config and that part of the purchase reason is negated.
Next: When I fitted the the water cooling radiator (standard three fan configuration) I noted that they push air upward in opposition to the air flow directed by the box's two large top fans that push air downward. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I can't fathom why you would want to push radiator heated air, downward, into the box. Hot air rises as nature intended because it takes hot air away from the components that generate heat inside the box.
I do understand that MSI want positive pressure inside the box, but why do that if it is going to make the box hot. I had to invert the two top fans so they work in unison with the three radiator fans below them. I will monitor this, and remove the top fans if they impede the flow of air from the more powerful airflow generated by the radiator fans. The MSI Sekira 500x is a beautiful, solid tower, but it left me feeling a little disappointed.
PS. The double adaptor is a MacGyver quick fix support measure as I really wanted my video card to go vertical :(


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Nov 20, 2012
Truth be told, they want you pushing air in because then cool air will cool the radiator, as opposed to hot air from inside 'cooling' the radiator and blowing out.
The whole issue with the vertical card is kind of hard to know before hand as every manufacturers mounting holes might be different, sadly.
Still looks like an awesome build though!