Shut down when in sleepmode


Aug 30, 2023
When my PC is in sleepmode. it turns on and shut down every time after exactly 45 minutes?
Is this a BIOS setting or Windows Energy setting? Whats going on?
Please provide picture for all information in system information in Windows OS.
Attachment is example.


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Ah thx guys, I think i got it. Changed a option, I am confident its the one. I was looking for these settings at the wrong place. I have some difficulty's with moving on from win10 to windows11.
I went to to windows settings only a few option available there. Went to control panel, no option were there but i found it behind a few layers/tabs.
Somehow my brain was thinking Windows(11) settings is the substitute of control panel but its not.

I am used to go the control panel -select System-power settings-advanced settings. its 2/3 clicks, i am there
In windows 11 all those old options are hidden behind Personal Settings. I didn't know.