[Solved] Msi Gs70 Stealth Pro Issues


New member
May 7, 2014
Hello, i'm running the gs70 Stealth pro. Everyone probably knows the specs already as they are listed on the site.

I was expecting to run pretty smoothly through most of the games but i tend to lag even on games that don't require that much intensity.

I will play games like "Sir, you are being hunted" and i still get about 15-19 fps on medium/high settings. This game shouldn't even be a problem for the laptop, but its way too hard to play that game under these circumstances.

Games like "Planetside 2" lag pretty bad as well. I'll get a solid 45 fps on low setting, and on high settings (not even ultra) the game lags too the point of unplayable.

Weird things will happen where it says something about the display driver failing, but it fixes itself. This will happen at random times and is rather irritation.

I've updated my graphics card, and everything else.

What could be the problem??

Thank you, i really enjoy this laptop, but at this rate. It wasn't worth 1900 for; i wouldn't even pay 1000 for this to be honest. I don't really wan't to send it back, i like the way it is. Please help me.