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Chan Enya

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Jul 5, 2013
Recently, my friend shared me with a new product of MSI called PANOCAM. I just bought a MSI?s laptop and its brand image in my mind is great.

This product is in the MSI Somethings series.  Here is the official website of this product,”

I can not help but expecting that MSI will bring me a brand new experience!!

The packaging of MSI Somthings PANOCAM is a very simple and clean design which gives me a good first impression.

Let?s look at the following practical features which appeals to me :

1.  360 viewing angle

2. Way talk

3. Sharing images to family and friends

4. Easy Setup


It is very smart to omit the ?Manual? that the instructions directly placed on the packaging.

Here are the following contents:

(1) camera and power cables

(2) charging plug with two holes

(3) two screws <let the camera can set in the wall>

(4) black circular steel disc <is to let the camera can insert gadgets used in the wall>

(5) Place the camera elongated oval black rubber <let the camera horizontally placed on the desktop>

It is very considerate of MSI to preparing different aids for taking  into the different usage situation.

This camera  can connect to mobile phone through the Internet. So, the first thing is to download the ?Somethings? App and meanwhile connect the camera  to the power source. When the blue light flash, it can begin to set up the APP!

After opening the program, the screen will be set step by step with the user operation. firstly,you can log in through FB or Google account, which is really easy! Then you can press ?+? sign to start internet connecting setting.


It is worth to mention that MSI PANOCAM is very special and easy to connect to the Internet through voice.

According to the following instructions,  after pressing the button on the camera, you will hear the ?modem? dial tones.

Carefully, pairing Internet and camera needs a silence environment. When the pairing is successful, the green one will flash. Otherwise, the red light will flash.


After the completing the setting, you can start monitoring your photography pictures.  Pressing ?products? in APP?s home page. Then you can clearly watch the live photographic picture.

?+? is for setting more than one camera when using the same account.  ?pencil? flag is used to edit the name of the camera.


the view of fisheye is circular.  double-tapping can enlarge the view. It also have a full-screen view.


You can also adjust the angle of the screen from the phone.

The four keys from left to right below use for:

1. Photo file

2. Press to take pictures for that time

3. Microphone

4.  SD card file

The weakest point is that the camera can not be use in dark environment.

Finally, let me introduce other functions. Returning to the main page.

As I said, the camera can be shared to multiple accounts. press  ?sharing? to set up the friend list and share with other?s account.


In the User Guide, there are also some introduces of operations. You can watch the videos and learn it fast.

Finally sum up my own points


1. straightforward and simple setting steps

2. You can share pictures to friends and family which is also simple to do

3. fisheye lens, you can do a 360-degree shooting

4. You can talk with people who is under shooting


1.  night shooting is unable

2. poor quality of enlarge image