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In my laptop, when installing the Sonar APO driver, there is a driver conflict with Nahimic APO.

After installing the SteelSeries Sonar APO driver, the sound in the headphones deteriorates and becomes muffled and with a very low amount of bass. This problem always manifests itself after installing this driver. This problem appeared as soon as SteelSeries added the Sonar function to its software product.

Windows 11 Home 22h2 build 22621.608
Using the driver:
- Realtek Audio Driver v6.0.9414.1 UAD
- Nahimic driver APO 3 v3.5.2.0
- SteelSeries GG v25.0

To fix this problem, have to completely remove the Realtek sound driver, Nahimic APO, Sonar APO. After that, need to install the Realtek and Nahimic drivers and there are no problems with the sound.
As soon as the SteelSeries GG product update arrives and the Sonar APO driver is installed with it, the sound spoils again.
* Sonar is disabled in the SteelSeries GG program.