Sonar: Every Sound Detail Could Be Your Key To Victory

Amelia CC

Jul 12, 2021

To have an immersive gaming experience, aside from high performance processor and fast responsive display, a clear and precise sound effect is also crucial and helps locating your enemy accurately. When playing fast-paced games where atmospheric sound plays an important role, for example, footstep, gun shot or explosion, even the slightest movement could cost your life. Thus, the new function Sonar makes sure you hear every detail during the games.

Sound is constituted with the wave varying by low-to-high frequencies, and each sound effect in games has their own frequency range. For example, gunshots and footsteps are found in higher rage of frequency (4K Hz and above band), which might be missed when presented with too much bass.

The function Sonar, powered by SteelSeries, helps you adjust the equalizer according to different game titles, or customize the equalizer by yourself. Now, Sonar could be found in MSI Titan GT/Raider GE/Stealth GS/Vector GP series laptops.

Inside the Sonar
Sonar helps you strengthen specific in-game sound by amplifying or reducing the wide-range equalizer in various game titles, thus hearing every detail based on different type of games. Apart from pinpointing the enemy’s location, the adjustment could also create a more immersive and atmospheric experience. With Sonar, you won’t have to dig out those frequencies by yourselves, just complete the following steps.
Sonar can be found within SteelSeries GG software. Just launch the “SteelSeries GG” software, choose “Sonar”, and register the account for free if you’re new to the software.

For Gaming or Listening to Music

↑Go to “Game” and find “Configuration”. Sonar provides lots of equalizer settings for different game titles. Just select your game, and switch the Windows audio device to “SteelSeries Sonar”, then everything is done.
*When launching Sonar, the Nahimic software will be temporarily disabled.


↑If you want to fine-tune the equalizer, just drag the dots.


↑If you are a music lover, Sonar also provides settings for music to emphasize the vocal, bass, or punch etc.

For Chatting and Microphone
During gamplay, sometimes you might not hear your team chat, or your teammates can’t hear you clearly. Sonar also provides the solutions for you.

↑If you can’t hear clearly from the group chat, go to “Chat” and find “Configuration”, then choose according to your preference.


↑If your teammates can’t hear you clearly, just go to “Microphone” then click “Configuration” to find the best setting for your voice.

Sonar provides the solution to balance the sound between different tracks, so that you could hear what you want during the games.

↑Go to “Mixer” and adjust the dB for different tracks to get balanced volume.

Now, Sonar could be found in MSI Titan GT/Raider GE/Stealth GS/Vector GP series laptops. If “Sonar” hasn’t showed up in your SteelSeries GG software, please update SteelSeries GG to the latest version.