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Feb 14, 2017
Hi  need help on how to adjust sound bass and treble .just purchased notebook GP72 6QF W10HOME.thanks


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Apr 18, 2015
alytus1974 date=1487099485 said:
Hi  need help on how to adjust sound bass and treble .just purchased notebook GP72 6QF W10HOME.thanks
Hi alytus1974,

You should locate the User Guide for your GP72 6QF and read it. A pdf copy should have been installed on your notebook from the factory. If not, it should be on a DVD. If you can't find it, go here and download it in the language of your choice.

Here's the short answer to your question: MSI provided your notebook with a Dragon Center program. From it, you can launch a number of utility programs. One of these is A-Volute's Nahimic program. Nahimic is the sound effects software that MSI provides for you to adjust the sound. You should find a couple of ways to control the bass and treble. First, it should have dedicated bass and treble controls. Second, if you want more detailed control, it should also have a graphic equalizer.

But be forewarned: MSI notebooks have been having lots of sound problems lately and most users are clueless as to what's going on. The problems stem primarily from two sources. First, Win 10 has an auto-updater that cannot be turned off and it will replace the MSI audio driver with a newer generic or "universal" version. Second, Nahimic hooks to the audio driver, making the update procedure more complicated and most users---and the Win 10 auto-updater---don't know about it. Because of the dependency of Nahimic for the audio driver, any time the audio driver is updated, Nahimic must first be uninstalled. Then Nahimic must be reinstalled after the new audio driver is back up and working again. If this isn't done, the connection between Nahimic and the audio driver will be broken or degraded and the sound will suffer. Plus, you must be certain that the version of the audio driver is compatible with the version of Nahimic.

Users have purchased a new MSI gaming notebook, then wonder why the sound is suddenly bad after a few weeks or months. Usually it is the fault of the Win 10 auto-updater. The solution is to "hide" the audio driver from the Win 10 auto-updater so it will leave it alone (see MSI FAQ 01767 here for instructions how to "hide" a driver). Then only install updates that come from MSI for your model notebook. Nowadays, when MSI provides an updated audio driver, they also provide a compatible version of Nahimic along with it. Just remember to uninstall the old Nahimic before you update the audio driver. Then install the new Nahimic after the audio driver. This is the procedure you must always follow: (1) uninstall Nahimic before changing the audio driver. (2) reinstall Nahimic after the audio driver is up and running again. (3) Always use versions of the audio driver and Nahimic that are compatible with each other.

Finally, if you ever want to use your notebook for high-fidelity audio, you may want to uninstall Nahimic for good. If you do that, you'll have to rely on the Windows settings for the audio driver to make changes to the bass and treble. Or you'll need to rely on third-party audio software. I use studio-grade headphones with the built-in headphone amp of my GT80 2QE and have great sound with zero audio processing---I only have the Realtek HD audio driver installed and the fidelity is so good that no bass or treble controls are needed. And I have connected the optical S/PDIF output to my external surround sound system and have superb digital audio quality for critical listening over speakers. I wouldn't dream of mucking this up with a distortion-producing program like Nahimic. But Nahimic is what MSI provides nowadays.

Welcome to the messy world of MSI gaming notebook audio. :biggthumbsup:

Kind regards, David