sound gets very low without changing volume

New member
Jan 6, 2018
Possibly a nahimic problem/conflict with the realtek driver. I've tried numerous things, latest nahimic, latest realtek, latest bios, latest firmware, etc. When watching video in a browser (youtube, netflix, etc.) The sound is *very* low, almost as if nahimic stops working. If I start playing a second video in another tab that video is full volume. Returning to the first video and moving to a different spot in that video results in both videos playing at full sound. I then have to go to the other video and pause it so I can watch the first video with good sound. If I then pause the first video or move the slider to another point in the video sound drops very low again, almost inaudible. This is a physical volume problem- the volume settings and the volume controls do not change.

Any ideas? As I said, I uninstalled/reinstalled various old and new drivers for both nahimic and realtek. uninstalled nahimic resulted in low sound all the time. It seems as if the EQ or other effects of nahimic just stop working and need to be jump-started by playing multiple sources at once. Volume in games is fine all the time, but this problem also exists when using standalone players to play dvd's and local video/music files.

EDIT: looks like the driver/nahimic updates fixed the volume in standalone players so now it only exists in-browser. Latest firefox and opera.