Sparks Fly! MSI Partners with Finnish eSports Team RCTIC


Nov 5, 2014
Interview with RCTIC eSports​

Sparks Fly! MSI Partners with Finnish eSports Team RCTIC

(MSI eSports News Report) With the attention and support of politicians, celebrities and sports personalities, the eSports trend and audience are growing overwhelmingly, 2015 is undoubtedly the most eye-catching year for Electronic Sport. In early 2009, MSI started a sponsorship program and has now sponsored more than 20 professional eSports teams worldwide (; MSI is honored to announce a formal partnership with world famous eSports team RCTIC, as our brand ambassador in Finland. Established in 2008, RCTIC is one of Finland's most successful, respected and well-known eSports organizations, which has the most skilled players in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone. Over 70 podium placements tell something about their success and honor. Now let's find out more about RCTIC eSports in our exclusive interview!​

Welcome RCTIC eSports to join the MSI family! Kindly introduce your team lineup to our global users!​
Counter-Strike Team Lineup​

Slaava "Twista" R?s?nen
Eetu "Saw" Saha
Ingame Leader
Saku "Saggerton" Jokinen

Sami "Xseven" Laasanen
Lasse "Zoree" Uronen
Hearthstone Team Lineup

Aleksi "Wampie" MajanderAntti "Kufdon" LammiNiko "Nikothegreat" Airamo
Tell us something about RCTIC eSports' team logo!
?Person? in our logo is called Nanuk, the Polar Bear, who was powerful and mighty and that he was ?almost man,? and the Inuit hunters would worship. It?s a mighty Nordic story about bravery and power of Nordic ?people? and that?s why we choosed it. It reflects us and our story to grow from ashes to as most successful eSports team in Finland.​

How does RCTIC eSports start up as a team, faced with any difficulties or challenges in the beginning?​
Our goal is to improve Finnish amateurs of esports to become known worldwide and, of course, encourage them to be their very best in their own gaming. RCTIC eSports owns a long history already. Earlier we were known as Random Gaming which was transferred below afterwards. In 2008, the team working as a management group decided to diverge from and founded RCTIC eSports. Because of that, our organization boosted and now we?re known as being extremely lively and, more importantly, a great organization. Of course there?s always some sort of difficulties but we haven?t have really big ones in any part of our history. We?ve grown step by step with ambitious goals and that?s our secret to succeed.​

How do you like the experience to cooperate with MSI?​
MSI has helped us a lot to improve our organization to get ?into next level?. MSI has same passion with Gaming and eSports than we have so it has been nice to work with company such MSI. With high-quality MSI products and great co-operation with MSI people has really been something incredibly good.​

MSI has a full range of gaming products, which is your favorite and would like to recommend to gamers?​
We just love MSI Gaming Notebooks! It?s just so easy to use MSI notebook or takes it to bootcamp or LAN event and just play. They are so performantic so we don?t need to worry anything. I would recommend every MSI products to Gamers.​

Every detail on MSI gaming series products is not only designed by experienced R&D, but also tested by professional gamers. With the power of MSI gaming, these professional gamers have been achieving outstanding records in the worldwide stage.​

As a professional eSports team, what is the meaning of GAMING to you?​
Gaming is just that what we do and we love to do. Its passionate sports that we love and wanna be best in Gaming/ eSports. It has been big part of our lives and will always be. Gaming for us is having fun and competive against other teams like someone would do in icehockey or football.​

As a professional eSports team, what do you do to get ready for every upcoming big tournament?​
Of course we need to practice a lot and get ready physically and mentally doing some other sport activities. Big thing is that you?re mentally ready for big tournament and that?s why we also need to schedule our days so we can also rest and get a little relax. Before big tournament we try to get as balanced as possible but still we need to be as sharp as possible. We watch other teams? games, our own old games so we can learn something new or found our own mistakes that we won?t do in next games.​

Any opinion or expectation for Finnish eSports environment?​
Finnish eSports environment/ scene are growing but its growing a bit slowly. At the moment there are not a lot of organizations like us to build it with bigger scale. We try to do as much as we can but I still see Finnish eSports as one of the greatest eSports enviroments in future.​

Any suggestions for all the gamers that are intend to go pro?​
Be patient, do what you love and do it with big heart. If you wanna be pro gamer just practice, practice and practice. It?s as difficult to get as PRO eSports player that pro icehockey player, but if it?s your dream just don?t stop dreaming.​

What is RCTIC eSports? expectation and plan for 2016?​
We keep just going forward and win bigger tournaments ofcourse. Our next five year goal is be one of the best European eSports teams and first fully professional Finnish eSports organization. There is a lot of things to do but if we just keep going, we will do it in next five years.​

Finally, is there anything RCTIC eSports would like to say?​
We want to thank all our fans, supporters and especially sponsors. WE LOVE YOU! This journey has already been something really amazing and it?s just not stopping. So lets keep this and we?ll do together something really amazing in upcoming years!​

Hope you enjoy this interview! Let's wish all the best to RCTIC eSports in the future! Please follow up with them for more news.​
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