Spilled beer on my MSI GP76 11UG now only the power button doesn't work


Nov 21, 2021
Hey Guys, my first post here with my first MSI laptop, it's MSI GP76 11UG-24FR (I live in France), which i bought a few months ago, i spilled beer on the touchpad and bottom part of the keyboard area, opened it up immediately to dry the liquid (which admittedly breaks warranty but it says that human mistakes are not included in warranty so i guess it doesn't matter) then i took it to a repair shop, the guy said he cleaned the motherboard with an alcohol solution but it can only boot up by disconnecting the battery and connecting it again, and that it's the best he could do since he couldn't find a keyboard replacement for it, i was happy that the motherboard is safe and the keyboard and touchpad works and even the keyboard LEDs work, even the one for the power button, however the power button remains non functional, so in order to make my life easier i enabled awake on lan, however it is not ideal, especially since i need it for work and i like moving around with it.

Is there any solution for this specific model ? Such as a keyboard replacement i can get in France ? or any MSI entity working in France that i can contact ?